I began working with metals as a teenager. I would collect and strip old copper electrical wires, twist and hammer them into bracelets and pendants. It wasn't until my first year of studying at the Savannah College or Art & Design that I took my first metals class. My intentions when first arriving to SCAD were to major in painting. After being introduced to soldering and a new world of metal working, that plan changed.


My current work primarily consists of sterling silver.  I use a patina to darken the metal and combine it with various semi-precious, often faceted, stones. This creates an uneasy and surprising contrast that challenges viewers perception of what is new and precious as opposed to what is old and worthless.


I seek an authentic balance in the complexity of my work as a marker and metaphor for the search of balance in a chaotic world.

"A wild person with a calm mind can create anything. — Eric Meisel